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Security is our business. We strive to build long-term collaborative customer relationships to develop and deliver a proactive security strategy as your security needs evolve and change. Our team members are your security partners and trusted advisors.


The leadership team at Torus Technologies has more than 30 years combined experience working with medium and large healthcare facilities, energy and utility companies, manufacturing companies, retail corporations, state and local government and education entities, financial institutions, and other industries in the commercial field.


No two networks are alike. Organizations need solutions that can be flexible enough to fit their specific business and risk requirements.We help you understand what’s really happening on the network with appliance and end point analysis.



Our Services

The cyber threats facing enterprises today are sophisticated, wide ranging, and highly targeted.


Network Visibility and Breach Detection

To shrink attack surfaces and reduce avenues of compromise, organizations should look to improve their network visibility and enforcement capabilities. As networks evolve leveraging private and public clouds consisting of internal and external compute resources, there is a gap between what is known and what is actually operating in the environment. Traditional Vulnerability Assessments are not designed to search for the unknown.

Network Visibility and Breach Detection hunts for dynamic changes to the environment. Full network context combined with best of breed security intelligence identifies threats across the organization from the dynamic edge and into the cloud.


Threat Detection and Hunting

Threat Detection and Hunting provides complete endpoint visibility by continuously recording 100% of the activity on the endpoint and visualizing the complete attack cyber kill chain. It is a collaboration with our customers to deliver results and optimize your team’s effectiveness.

Endpoint Collection: Installation of a single lightweight agent that is managed through a simple cloud console with zero impact to the end user.

Network Attack Surface Evaluation: Develop an inventory both authorized and unauthorized devices. Evaluate connectivity behavior over a period of time.

Proactive Threat Hunting: Capture all activity with 100% continuous recording. Proactively discover the most advanced threats that make it past your defenses.

Precision Response: Rapidly triage and isolate malicious activity before business disruption occurs. Provide immediate containment,  detailed investigation, and recommended security posture improvements.

Integration: Leverage open APIs to integrate with the rest of your security stack for advanced attack correlation.


Social Engineering Security Assessment

Designed to allow organizations a better understanding of the risks they face from attacks directed at their employees. We offer both a Remote and an On-Site Social Engineering Assessment. Performing this scope on a regular basis will also help address regulatory requirements. The specific attacks selected for an engagement are based upon the needs and requirements of each client.

We test end users to determine their awareness of security risks and security training needs using the following tactics:

  • Data Breach Risk
  • Advanced Malware
  • Social Engineering
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Penetration Test

Comprehensive reports are provided at the completion of the assessment that will provide management with an understanding of the level of risk introduced by end users. A prioritized list of recommendations will allow for targeted mitigation.



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