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Security is our business. We strive to build long-term collaborative customer relationships to develop and deliver a proactive security strategy as your security needs evolve and change. Our team members are your security partners and trusted advisors.

The leadership team at Torus Technologies has more than 30 years combined experience working with medium and large healthcare facilities, energy and utility companies, manufacturing companies, retail corporations, state and local government and education entities, financial institutions, and other industries in the commercial field.

No two networks are alike. Organizations need solutions that can be flexible enough to fit their specific business and risk requirements.We help you understand what’s really happening on the network with appliance and end point analysis.


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The cyber threats facing enterprises today are sophisticated, wide ranging, and highly targeted.


Next Generation Firewall allows for complete visibility and control across all layers, including signaling, data and control plane, with application-layer visibility. To protect your network from cyber attacks and improve your overall security posture, it’s important to safely enable applications across all ports, for all users, at all times while simultaneously scanning traffic for both known and new threats.

Advanced Email Security provides the tools you need to keep your people safe from email threats. We enhance your ability to protect against fast-emerging threats such as impostor email and phishing. We also help block better understood threats such as spam, bulk email, and viruses, protecting your people, data, and brand from today’s threats and common nuisances.

Scalable Performance Monitoring ensures that the network is performing optimally for application delivery across hybrid, physical, virtualized, and software-defined network environments. The ability to trace all network flows allows for a deep source of insights for isolating anomalies in network and application behavior and mitigating risks before they impact end-users or IT security.


Orchestration and Automation brings together disparate tools to give your team greater control over the incident response process for improved efficiency. This mechanism eliminates errors through standardized process and automation while reducing time demands on already stretched security teams.

Privileged Access Security protects privileged accounts that are used to maintain systems, facilitate automated processes, safeguard sensitive information, and ensure business continuity. Privileged accounts are exploited in nearly every cyber attack. Bad actors can use privileged accounts to disable security systems, to take control of critical IT infrastructure, and to gain access to confidential business data and personal information.

Advanced Endpoint Prevention & EDR provides a comprehensive analysis of endpoint behavior over time, not just files to detect and stop threats. It has the ability to capture and store unfiltered data from every endpoint to analyze each event stream in context to uncover emerging attacks. As a result security teams have the ability to immediately triage alerts by isolating endpoints, blacklisting applications, or terminating processes.


Security Awareness Training provides an interactive training platform giving your users a fresh new learner experience that makes learning fun and engaging. By starting to identify risk at the user, group, and organizational level this platform helps make data driven decisions when it comes to your security awareness plan. Guided by next level reporting for phishing and training campaigns, it helps you measure the effectiveness of your security awareness training program.

Enterprise Exposure and Security Strategies enhance your team’s operational skills and improve their ability to prevent, detect, and respond to cyber attacks. They provide the ability to evaluate your organization’s cyber crisis processes, tools and proficiency in responding to cyber attacks from both an executive strategic and technical incident response perspective. Each exercise introduces multiple scenarios based on real world experience in a roundtable environment to observe the organization’s simulated actions and decisions in response.

Fact Based Risk Analysis creates a clear picture of current activities and enables you to make effective and affordable decisions about what your organization needs in terms of cyber security. You can communicate those needs to executives who manage the budget and to better plan for new regulations and reporting requirements.


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